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Gas Boiler Service & Repair in Halifax, Dartmouth and the HRM

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Parker Plumbing & Heating Ltd provides gas boiler service and repair in Halifax. Our trained technicians take care of safe installation, repair and maintenance of gas boilers. A gas boiler is used to heat water in your kitchen, bathroom or any place needed. It continuously keeps heating water and ensures hot water supply without fail. Gas boilers are one of the most common heating systems in homes and are one of the easiest choices because of already present gas supply. Parker Plumbing & Heating Ltd provides emergency services if needed.

Gas boilers are energy efficient
Most gas boilers use natural gas to function, which is less costly compared to other gases and is unlikely to do any harm to the environment. Gas boilers are fitted into homes in pipes, avoiding any frequent cleaning and maintenance. As gas boilers do not produce soot or any pungent smell, your home is odor-free and hygienic utilizing more energy and cutting down on gas bills. Gas boilers emit less carbon dioxide and are cleaner and healthier. Parker Plumbing & Heating Ltd provides gas boiler service & repair in Halifax.

It’s safe and convenient
Compared to oil, electric and other boilers present in the market, gas boilers are one of the safest, most convenient and reliable boilers for home. Though it is less dangerous, you need to keep a track of any leakage in gas pipes and repair it at the earliest. Gas boilers easily fit in your kitchen or bathroom space without consuming too much space.

Contact Parker Plumbing & Heating Ltd for gas boiler service and repair in Halifax. Services provided here are professional and undertaken by experienced and certified technicians. For more than 15 years, customers have trusted us for exceptional care and superior service. Safety is our main priority.

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